Mindful Journey Telecalls with the Vastness of Being

Mindful Journey Telecalls with the Vastness of Being


During the telecalls, guided by the Vastness of Being, we will each join with the vastness of our individual Soul energy and journey together to expand the frequency of love within us and without. The Vastness of Being is us – our expansive Souls – as well as elemental Earth energies and Star Family Beings, such as Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Sirians as well as members of the various Galactic Councils and our own guides, teachers and angelic presences. We open to receive their message and when the message is complete, participants can ask questions.

Together, we meld with the Field of Loving Consciousness, which forms a luminous geometric grid of energy around the earth. In this field, we touch in with our sisters and brothers who are alive on Earth, sharing all the world.

Messages come through from the Vastness of Being to assist us on our personal journey through these amazing shifting frequencies. If you are not able to physically be on the call, your energy is still in vibration with the group through the quantum field, which is outside of time and space, so when you listen to the recording you are aligned with the group consciousness. And during the actual call, a resonance of connection is created to include all who will listen to the recording at another time.

The call is recorded and lasts an hour. The link will be sent to you so you can download it to your computer.

The call is $15CAD, approximately $11US.

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