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At this time of our Human experience on planet Earth, we are being called to integrate and embody our soul essence fully and completely, so we can live our truth in love and freedom and bring about the great change of harmony, Human love and empowerment to our world.

Our Divine Soul Essence is our innocent, pure self - which resonates with our unique energetic soul signature (also referred to as our “higher self”). By clearing the programming of beliefs and patterns that were never our truth and letting go of coping mechanisms we've chosen out of fear, we invite our Divine Soul Essence more fully into our being. Engaging in self inquiry and making changes that allow us to love ourselves is an act of courage and helps us to truly know that we are “good enough” just as we are - in our light and shadow. This new freedom expands us and enables us to radiate love and acceptance through our being, raising our vibrational frequency and bringing positive changes into our lives and onto the planet. For many of us our Divine Soul Essence has gone into hiding after many lifetimes of shining our love light and being thwarted by the prevailing fear and belief systems. Do you feel fear around being seen? Perhaps your soul experienced lifetimes of being shunned and abandoned by the tribe, or being burned at the stake or beheaded for shining the light of love and truth. We may feel “safer” by staying silent and hiding our light but there is a deeper calling that is arising within all of the Light Beacon souls that will not allow us to be silent any longer, will not allow us to hide the beautiful, joyful expression of our truth. We are being called to allow joy into our being, to have fun and radiate the qualities of free expression. Our Divine Soul Essence may need a little coaxing to come out and play. Now is the time to shine!

Since 2005, I have been assisting clients in clearing their field so they can truly know and accept themselves and live their truth. We can tap into the expression of our genius when we let go of dense energy that has accumulated in our Akashic record due to traumatic experiences from this life and other lifetimes. We also become lighter when we release beliefs and patterns that came through our DNA from our ancestral lineage. It is so gratifying to be able to assist people in clearing energies that interfere with embodying their unique Soul vibration so that they can live their lives with authenticity in the fullness of their BEing.

Nancy “Leilah” Ward, founder of Integral Soul

Nancy “Leilah” Ward, founder of Integral Soul

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I offer personal readings and property clearing, as well as Mindful Journey Telecalls. For a full listing of my services, click here.


Integral Soul


The Integral Soul reading helps you to identify what is blocking the full embodiment of your Divine Soul Essence. You will receive tools to assist you to clear programmed beliefs, negative patterns and thought forms held in your Soul memories (Akashic Record), Ancestral energies (DNA) and current life programming and trauma.

Creator Source is the life force energy that flows throughout the Universe. Our Souls are birthed from Source and the light of Source flows through us. We are Divine Source and our Divine Soul Essence is our unique energetic signature that is constant within us, no matter what timeline we are in, no matter what is going on in our lives. Most humans are not fully embodying their Divine Soul Essence due to trauma. My intention is to help my clients release what no longer supports them and fill with the true essence of their being.


Property Clearing

Homes and properties accumulate energy and hold energetic vibrations of people who lived there before you. Negative thought forms and earthbound souls can stay behind long after the people leave. A property clearing will clear and harmonize your environment. This clearing has been helpful for people moving into a new home, or people who want to sell a home, or just feel that there is old, stagnant energy in their home or business.


Guided Mindful-Journey Telecalls

During the telecalls, guided by the Vastness of Being, we will each join with the vastness of our individual Soul energy and journey together to expand the frequency of love within us and without. The Vastness of Being is us - our expansive souls - as well as an elemental Earth energies and Star Family Beings, such as Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, members of the various Galactic Councils and our own guides, teachers and angelic presences.

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