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Staying positive and centered in the present moment can be challenging these days. In the last few years we have witnessed the strength there is in unity - whether united in a positive or a negative focus. We as Humans on Earth are being called to take full responsibility for our world and so it is in our best interest to consciously choose what to place our attention on in every moment. As we are called to integrate the high vibrational frequencies that our Galaxy is immersed within, deep change is impacting our entire Solar System and us all collectively and personally. We are coming into a deeper knowing and experience of how connected we all are and what power we have when we consciously choose to unite together in loving harmony.



The meditations that I've been participating in with Leilah have been really awesome. We always start with an amazing exercise to relax us, then the Vastness of Being comes through with their message.  It seems that each time the message has been perfect for me...almost like they were talking directly to me. Their love and concern really comes through, and Leilah's voice is the perfect conduit for it...very gentle and soothing. I always feel like I've gained something from these calls, whether it's answers to meditate upon, energies to bask in and incorporate, relaxation to enjoy...all of these things, really.  Thank you so much Leilah!  I'm happy to have found you.

- Vera, Southern California


I find your [telecalls] to be very powerful… and [that] explains why people don't have much to say afterward.  Usually I remember things later or the next day. Your work is very sincere, profound and touching. Thanks so much.

-Joyce, Syracuse, NY


I really enjoyed the call last night. The Vastness of Being really spoke to a lot of what's going on in my life, and a lot of times it was at the exact same moment I was thinking about something, that's what they would address. Pretty cool.

Carol, New Jersey


Last week's meditation was the most informative and in depth inspiration for me. I have really enjoyed listening to your teleconference meditations… I truly feel that I grow spiritually from them. I also really enjoy reading your newsletters. They are so profound!

- Kathy, Wappingers Falls, NY