Integral Soul Reading

Integral Soul Reading


In this reading we focus on clearing trauma from your DNA through your Ancestral Lineage, and from your Soul Memories, through your Akashic Record and then we fill your field with your Divine Soul Essence.

There are three major energy centers – called the dantian centers in ancient Chinese energy practices such as Qi Gong. The lower dantian, located just below the navel is where Spirit connects with the physical. It is through this center that we access your Ancestral lineage through your DNA.

The middle dantian, located at the heart, is where we access the Akashic record of your Soul’s expression through awarenesses (lifetimes) in different timelines on Earth and throughout the Universe.

We are all multidimensional beings and accessing our multidimensionality through releasing limitation, makes room for us to embody our Divine Soul Essence and move even beyond that to the Vastness of Our Being in Divine Source.
We access our Divine Source through our upper dantian center at our third eye just slightly above the bridge of our nose. We are Divine Source and Source Light flows through us and all of life. It is our life force energy – or, as I like to call it, the love force energy.

In this session, we are clearing beliefs, patterns, and choices that no longer serve us from our physical body, emotional body, mind and field so that we can embody our Divine Soul Essence and live our authentic truth in joy and freedom.

In this reading, you are given information about your Soul origination and experiences – your vastness that is beyond this Earth plane. You may receive information about other lifetimes, or from childhood, that pertains to beliefs, patterns or traumas that are showing up as density in your field.

With your awareness, and with guidance, you clear this energy from your field and fill your field with Source Light as it moves through your unique Soul energetic signature, or your Divine Soul Essence.

You will be given tools to help you integrate and anchor this new energy in your field. One of the tools is a personal mandala, hand drawn by me using chalk pastels on black paper. This image is intuited from what I am seeing during your reading (I see colors and shapes). You can use this image as a gazing meditation tool and integrate it in your field at whatever energy center it is most aligned with. It will stay with you for as long as needed. The image will be emailed to you, so you can have it in your phone, on your tablet or computer. If you would like the original, it will be mailed to you for the cost of shipping and handling (to be determined on a case by case basis, depending on where it is being sent). 

One hour Integral Soul Reading is $225 CAD (approximately $168 USD – the exchange rates fluctuate). The reading is recorded and an mp3 file will be sent to you.

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